These People Failed so Badly That They’ll Make You Feel Like a Genius


Everybody makes mistakes. All of the time! I bet you’ve already made at least one mistake today– and you are more than likely going to make another one before the day is done. That’s how life works.

That being said, most of us manage to move on from our small mistakes. And, most of us are lucky enough to make mistakes that are not recorded on the Internet for all time. Let me tell you, the people on this list were not so lucky. Not only did the mess up, they also had evidence of their mishaps recorded within Internet history.

Now, we can look back on their mistakes and laugh at them to feel better about our own missteps. So that’s something, at least. If nothing else, at least these fails will serve to make you feel better about yourself.

When you forget to write your review anonymously


“I’m calling the police!”


Is it an original?


On the job hunt.


Seriously, are they for real?




Poor kid




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