The olive oil method

The amazing enormous forces of this method have led to further research. These additional studies on oil therapy are now well documented, especially with regard to similar physiological effects on different individuals.

Surprisingly, with this biological healing method, a variety of symptoms unconditionally disappear without any side effects. This simple method treats a wide range of illnesses that are usually treated with surgery or strong medications, usually with significant side effects. The effectiveness of this healing system in which oil frogs in the mouth is due to the stimulating effect that oil has on the body’s excretory (toxin-emitting) system.

By this method, it is possible to treat both individual cells, cell conglomerates (accumulations) as well as lymph nodes and more complex tissues, such as those in the internal organs. This is because the useful microflora in the body (in terms of protecting bodies) is connected to one another in a healthy whole
Without these naturally occurring bodyguards that are produced by this microflora, people’s health may be aggravated. Dr. Karach explains that regular administration of this treatment affects the healing process and contributes a lot to the well-being of the human body. This view of Dr.Karach is supported by many other scientists around the world.

With this treatment (oil therapy), such diseases as migraine, headache, bronchitis, sick teeth, arterial thrombosis, chronic blood diseases such as leukemia, as well as arthritis and related diseases, neuro physiological paralysis, eczema, gastric enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, and hormonal disorders in women are completely removed from the body.

Oil therapy has a lasting curative effect on the whole body according to Dr.Karach (even “everlasting times”). Even in the case of terminal diseases such as cancer, AIDS and chronic infections, it has been demonstrated that this mode of treatment can successfully replace all others. Dr.Karach successfully cured a patient with chronic leukemia with 15 years of “severe” treatment methods behind him. The acute arthritis of another patient who was on a bed was removed from his body for three days, with no apparent side effects such as inflammation.

Question: How is this method applied?

Buy sunflower oil or peanut oil at your local health food store (it is important to be unrefined – cold pressed without thermal and chemical processing – on the market such as charlatan, olive oil – cold pressed.) It should be COLD STRAW oil. Make sure the bottle is tightly closed immediately after use (opening) otherwise the unsaturated fats in the oil quickly become saturated when exposed to air (oxidation occurs), which means that the oil is only for cooking. In the morning, before you brush your teeth before you have drunk anything and before eating/breakfast, put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth, but do not swallow it. Rinse it in the mouth (without excessive pressure) for 15 to 20 minutes, making sure that the oil is passed between the teeth / well lit in the mouth. This procedure stimulates the salivary glands by moving the jaw as in chewing. This releases digestive enzymes.

Toxins and bacteriophages within the blood supply system will be extracted from the oil through the salivary glands, thus purifying the blood.
Under no circumstances should a drop of oil be rinsed off when rinsing the mouth, because any residue in the oil contains extremely toxic elements. At first, the oil will be viscous, but in a few minutes, it will become thinner and white as bleached wool. After 15 to 20 minutes – if the oil still appears in yellow, it is good to proceed with the frowning process until the oil turns into a white liquid.

After spraying your oil, rinse your mouth thoroughly several times with water, and even wash your mouth thoroughly with a toothbrush, and then clear the toothbrush **. Cleaning the toothbrush then, as well as the sink will ensure that the large amounts of bacteria, viruses and toxins and body chemicals will be removed. When examined under a microscope, a drop of this oil mixed with the saliva reveals fungal spores, bacteria and other (micro-) organisms in abundance.

Shortly after the application of the oil, the lymphatic system is strengthened and stimulated, and the blood supply system in the body is strengthened. The healing effect of this treatment works on two levels: detoxification (elimination of harmful substances) and stimulation of the autoimmune system. The “side effects” of this healing method (oil therapy) are strengthening of loose teeth, improved gut blood flow and improved metabolism (growth) and teeth whitening.

It is best if the oil for treatment is applied as the first thing in the morning before breakfast, but when obvious illness symptoms are obvious, it is useful to use this technique before other main meals of the day when no liquids are consumed previously for at least twenty minutes.

Q. What is the duration of this treatment?

This is different in every person, but treatment can be stopped when the body is strengthened when the quality and tranquility of sleep restored in their natural form when the appetite is healthy and when the first wake after the night has no signs of fatigue. There is also a secondary effect – memory is greatly improved. Only when all these conditions are met, the continuation of treatment is unnecessary.

Q. Is this treatment possible to worsen the condition?

In some people who have multiple different illnesses at the same time, an initial worsening of the condition may occur. This is due to the initial removal of the primary infection, which may allow for the temporary appearance of secondary infections. After a few days, secondary infection may disappear, but others may appear. Such symptoms usually occur in people who suffer from chronic diseases or terminal illnesses (such as cancer). In such circumstances, Dr.Karach recommends that the affected person firmly and purposefully continue treatment, even if there is a fever (elevation of temperature).
Dr. Karach claims that when these symptoms occur during the oil treatment, it will only facilitate rapid healing.
If treatment is discontinued for one reason or another, the overall treatment effect will be delayed. For these reasons, Dr.Karach claims that the initial worsening of the condition is an excellent sign that the disease has begun to gradually get out of the body.

How often can a person use this method daily?

This depends on the general health of the person and on the degree of toxicity /contamination of the organism.
The more often the oil is administered, the more powerful its effects.

Acute illnesses usually cure from two to four days.
Chronic illnesses that have evolved over many years, respectively, require longer treatment. In some cases, this may take up to one year. Do not give up.
Patients with terminal illnesses who have persisted with this treatment are living evidence with their improved condition and successful cure for the excellent results achieved with this treatment method.


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