Purify with oil

This method of purifying toxins is surprisingly easy and successful. One can hardly believe that many of the problems will be solved by applying it. But it’s so easy that hardly anyone will wonder whether to try or not.

What we need: just a little sunflower oil.

How it is applied: In the morning after getting up and fasting, take one tablespoon of oil, slowly take it in the mouth and pour the frogs for 15-20 minutes. Oil should not be swallowed. Initially, it is thick, but then it is becoming less and less common. When it is very rare (after about 15-20 minutes) it should be spit (best in the toilet). Oil has turned into a milky white liquid. Then it is good to rinse our mouth thoroughly and brush our teeth with a brush (and toothpaste).

Why purifies this method: we have salivary glands, whose function is to remove the blood products from the blood. As we pant, suck or chew, the blood flow passing through the salivary glands increases up to 4 times. With this method, almost all of the blood is filtered through the salivary glands, and the oil, in this case, draws and connects everything harmful and unnecessary. Therefore, at the end of the procedure, the liquid obtained is poisonous and should not be swallowed, best disposed of in the toilet bowl because it is full of harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

How often to administer: initially, one or two weeks of therapy can be given each morning. It is even recommended for quicker healing to be done three times a day before meals and fasting (maybe just in the morning and in the evening). Some diseases are sufficient for 5-7 days, for others (chronic) and months. But this requires persistence.

What action is there:

* our body is released from harmful microbes and toxins

* metabolism is actively activated and fast, and this has a beneficial effect on our vital tone

* whitening teeth

* Removes bleeding gums, treats paradontosis

* tightens loose wreaths

* Several diseases are successfully treated – headaches, toothache, skin problems, intestinal diseases, female diseases …

* prevents the development of blood, liver, stomach, lung diseases …

* purifies the entire bloodstream

Warning: this method of purification has the appearance of temporary ailments and problems, but only at the beginning, with advancing therapy, they disappear. This is rarely the case, especially for people with very severe health conditions.


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