Prepare your skin for the summer

Products suitable for winter care should be replaced in spring and summer with others. Ultimately, ingredients that moisturize and keep the skin in good condition during the winter can make it greasy or cause other unpleasant consequences in warm weather. Here are the basic rules to prepare your skin for the summer.

Pay attention to the composition of cosmetics.

Ingredients like glycerin and urea take the moisture from the air and keep it in the skin – a great winter solution. In the summer you do not really need it (unless the skin is dehydrated, of course), so it is advisable to bet on another type of cosmetics.

Exfoliating the skin

Do not forget about exfoliants: scrubs, peeling gels. They improve the microcirculation of the skin, which in turn contributes to the rapid penetration of nutrients into the layers of the epidermis. As a result, your skin will become elastic and healthy.

Moisturizing the skin

There are many different ways you can moisturize your skin. Cosmetics can “erase” the traces of age and eliminate various external flaws. In their arsenal, there is a huge variety of products based on hyaluronic acid (one molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts and binds 500 water molecules).

It is also important to have the right selection of home skin care products. And pay attention to eating: eat more fruits, vegetables, herbs, drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Clean regularly

It is especially recommended for those who have oily skin and larger pores. With the increased function of sebaceous glands, this is a fundamental rule. Attention should be paid to the internal cleansing of the body: No cosmetic procedures can improve the skin if there are many toxins in the body, so you must minimize low-grade, packaged, processed products, semi-manufactured products, alcohol and cigarettes.

Prevent the appearance of pigment spots

With age, and especially after sun abuse, some people have pigment spots. In fact, this is hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by the uneven distribution of the melanin pigment in it. As a result, the epidermis may become darker in color (in this case, we do not treat hyperpigmentation as a symptom of various diseases and hormonal conditions). Modern cosmetic procedures not only lighten existing spots but also prevent new ones from emerging. For example, it is possible to carry out a course of products containing hyaluronic acid, various minerals, peptides and antioxidants before the summer season.

The chemical peel just before the summer season should be done with caution. Do not forget that its “starlight” is the autumn-winter period. If you have not had time to do the procedure, then do not forget to use maximum sun protection (minimum SPF 50).

Do not visit a solarium.

Remember: the solarium is very harmful. It is not advisable to spend the whole day in the sun. Start with short periods of time, so your skin does not get damaged. And always before going out on the street do not forget to put your face cream with SPF 30 or a higher factor.

The most important tips (no matter the season)

Listen to yourself and try not to overload your body. Sleep as much as you need, spend at least an hour every day outdoors. Get rid of bad habits or at least minimize them. And do not forget to smile


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