Cool Garden Edging Ideas


Every day we encounter it, every day as we step through our garden we see our flower beds, our vegetable gardens, and naturally the lawn and flower bed edging ideas that support our curb appeal. Flower garden edging ideas and vegetable garden edging ideas can make a huge difference in our garden and it all comes to a simple concept, addressing two distinct areas by separating them or creating a transition between them.

It goes without saying that the landscape edging ideas that would fit your garden will probably not fit others yet happily there are a dozen to choose from, in the following gallery we have showcased 73 cool garden edging ideas that are worth considering regardless of budget, style or creativity, there is a little something in there fore each and everyone.

Solutions to one’s garden edge can come in any material or combination of materials, there are no “rules”, you will often encounter stone, concrete, brick, wood, tiles, metal, plates, glass, gabion, logs and, happily, all sorts of recyclable materials these days !

Up-cycling and recycling are key words in contemporaneity if we are to have a tomorrow to call future, up-cycling and recycling are words by which we stand for at Homesthetics and we would love to have you on our side, start by throwing an eye over the gallery below and please do let us know what do you think !

Use Salvaged Wood to Edge Your Garden

One of the easiest methods to create an epic garden edge is through salvaged wood, possibly, pallet wood. The natural material will integrate seamlessly into any arrangement and it offers you infinite flexibility when it comes to design as other woody solutions will showcase in the gallery.

The image below showcases an extraordinary result, all you need is pallet wood; keep in mind that to you do not need to stress about its width or height when you cut these pieces to “size”, the earth around them will help you with that.

Use Flat Rocks 

Flat rocks are natural puzzle pieces and you happily get to arrange them in a manner that will benefit your garden and enhance your curb appeal, above they separate the lawn from leafy vegetation splendidly, would you like to change something?


Create a Rock and Brick Pattern

You can create a splendid mosaic garden edge, it can contain bricks, river rocks and if need be, cement to keep it altogether, one could argue that there is no need though, earth s there to support you in [almost] any DIY endeavor.

Use Light to Highlight Your Garden Edging


Use Steel Panels as a Garden Edge

If you consider a raised garden bed, options are even more extensive, steel panels can become garden edges just as beautifully as wooden pallets, both can be pierced here and if you want to place greenery in the vertical plane as well, option that we highly recommend.


Use Gabions With Rock and Wood

Rocks, wood, they come in all shape and sizes, sometimes in the form of a gabion, here a really earthy one with colored rocks, wooden blocks and awesome vegetation surrounding the sculptural raised garden. Imagine the garden above 10 years from now, with its vegetation matured, a lush, splendid oasis in the making the example above is !


A gabion can also use shattered rocks that would occupy the volume evenly, the lack of wooden blocks here clears the design further and the small white sand simply aces the neat look, the balance between the elements is spot on, how do you see it?


Use White and Black River Rocks




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