Banana for the face

For the skin to be beautiful, it needs constant care. Modern cosmetic products provide this option but do not forget about the tools available. You do not even know how miraculous the skin is in your kitchen. Today we will talk about one of them.

Here’s how to make a mask for cleansing, moisturizing and bleaching the skin at home.

Soda mask

Each kitchen in the corner of the cabinet has a batch of soda for bread. And if you think it is only suitable for baking, then you are very misleading. First of all, soda is indispensable for cleaning, although now it’s not about it, and second, it’s an invaluable cosmetic tool.

Soda is a very aggressive mask component and has amazing properties. Thanks to its texture, it perfectly cleanses the skin by removing the dead particles from the skin. Also, soda effectively lightens the skin, eliminating pigmentation.

However, the soda should not be applied to the face so that the skin does not dry. To do this, add a moisturizing element that nourishes the skin and saturates it with vitamins and nutrients. We have chosen a banana as such because it has a beneficial effect on the skin.

So, to prepare a face mask with soda, in a small container, chop 3 small pieces of banana. You have to make a homogeneous mess. Now add half a teaspoon of soda. If you make the mask for dry skin, reduce the amount of baking soda to one third or even a quarter scoop.

Stir the components gently until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Now apply the mask to your face and leave for 10 minutes if you have normal or oily skin or for 5 minutes if it is dry. Do not apply to the skin around the eyes. Pre-mask should be applied to a small part of the skin of the hands to see if you have an allergy.

As we have said, soda is a very aggressive component, so for the first time, follow your feelings. If you do not feel comfortable, for example, if you pinch or burn your skin too much, then it is better to wash the mask immediately. There is a chance it just might not be right for you.

Wash the mask with plain warm water. After application, a moisturizer is used to prevent dryness. It is necessary to apply a mask without fanaticism, preferably no more than once every 10 days. On dry skin, even less.

After the first application, you will see how the skin illuminates and gets a healthy fresh look. The soda will clean it completely, and the bananas will moisturize it well. This approach will even help to remove fine wrinkles and smooth the skin.


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