5 Tips to Surviving Your First Month of the Keto Diet

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Keto Diet. It really has changed a lot of lives over the past year or so, and anyone serious about their weight loss goals has at least researched it. The Keto Diet has helped people lose massive amounts of weight; up to 200lbs, which is an incredible weight loss journey. People have been raving about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The Keto Diet is based around eliminating carbs from your diet and replacing them with fats. It pushes natural foods, meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. Anything processed, or carb-filled is cut out altogether. It does take a lot of planning and strategy to introduce the diet change in your life; however, the health benefits are amazing and completely worth the transition.  To help you, I’ve created 5 tips to surviving your first month of the Keto Diet.

1. Tell your Friends and Family

I know it seems simple enough, but the amount of food changes you’re going to be adopting is going to make it impossible to keep this diet in the shadows. You’re going to need the support of friends and family to help you get through the starting phase. It will take some readjustment for everyone involved, especially those you live with, but your supporters will have your back! Make sure your loved ones are aware of your diet changes before attending any get-togethers that will involve food and eating. If they are not supportive, it’s a good idea to eat beforehand or pack your own food. Always remember you’re doing this for YOU, not for them. So, ignore any comments that don’t build you up; only acknowledge those that show support and genuine respect for your new commitment.

2. Use Supplements

It sounds easy enough, but supplements will make or break your success here. The beginning of the Keto Diet comes with something called, “The Keto flu” which is a transition period where your body readjusts to the different food intake. Because you’ll be cutting out carbs, and essentially all sugar and sodium, your body’s electrolytes will be taking a bit of a curveball; you may feel dizzy, faint, tired, and lethargic. To avoid this, check out some Keto supporting supplements to give your body as much strength and endurance to get through the initial transition.

3. Drink Lots of Water

This is an essential part of the Keto Diet anyway, but I need to make it very clear how important this step is in your success. The Keto Diet requires you to drink about 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight; which is a huge amount, and probably more than you’re used to drinking. I’d suggest carrying around a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, to ensure the success of your diet.

4. Find Recipes Online

Do not try to Keto without recipes in your back pocket! This is a whole new way of eating, and the foods you’re used to will not be included. All the recipes you’ve once learned will

most likely have to be altered. Just go to Google and look up “Keto Recipes”; you’ll get plenty that pops up, and most of them are fairly easy, too!

5. Create a Meal Plan

Don’t give yourself the opportunity to cheat on your diet by not being prepared. You know your body best, and so it’s a good idea to create a plan that follows your body’s hunger schedule. If you hate eating in the morning and prefer to snack until dinner; create a plan for that. If you like having three whole meals a day, plan for that. The more you plan out, the less chance you have of being caught starving and tempted to cheat on your diet. If you create a weekly plan, you can make foods ahead of time to store and keep ready and available for those tempting moments.  Don’t be afraid to bring food with you wherever you go; there’s no shame in keeping snacks in your car, or in your purse in order to improve your health and future!

The Keto Diet may sound like a lot of work, but the benefits will completely outweigh the negatives. Your hard work will pay off within a few weeks, and your weight loss with encourage you further and further into your journey. If you create a good support system, take supplements to avoid the “Keto Flu”, drink all your water, and create recipes and meal plans, you will see the health improvements and weight loss success that everyone raves about. Don’t forget to put yourself first; you cannot pour from an empty cup, and no one deserves to be healthy and happy more than you!


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